AVI Retail can provide 100% of the solution or a single service/product to complement your already strong offering. Our company is known in retail circles for our client customized retail solutions and long term service and maintenance. From complete fixture manufacturing and implementation to customized media and software development, we can provide a retail solution to bring your vision to the consumer.

  • Interactive Fixture Design

    Interactive Fixture Design

    By combining innovative design with superb functionality, we set the standard when it comes to custom retail displays. Deliver a clear and concise brand message with a compelling interactive retail display.

  • Kiosk Design, Manufacturing and Integration

    Kiosk Design, Manufacturing and Integration

    From our circuit board design and manufacturing, and building the kiosks, we have the ability to do the entire project here at AVI Retail. If your project is one kiosk, or thousands, we have the ability to make sure all of a client’s requests are met.

  • Software Design and Development

    Software Design and Development

    AVI Retail’s software designs include detailed use cases, easy to understand wireframes and user interface prototypes, complete database models, and implementation / test plans.

  • Hardware Design and Development

    Hardware Design and Development

    At AVI Retail we design our products around our client’s requirements for a given project. Using our vast experience we offer our suggestions in development to make sure each goal is not only achieved, but exceeded.

  • Installation, Service, and Maintenance

    Installation, Service, and Maintenance

    AVI Retail designs interactive display solutions with scalability and a long term retail lifespan in mind. With years of experience delivering retail displays, our company understands that it may be necessary to refresh content and service displays over their lifespan. AVI Retail has the infrastructure necessary to provide any level of service for our clients.

  • Manufacturing and Integration

    Manufacturing and Integration

    We use the latest production technology so we can remain cost effective while manufacturing high quality products. Our state of the art production facilities are capable of handling any order, regardless of size or complexity.

  • Networking and Connectivity

    Networking and Connectivity

    There are many benefits to networking interactive retail displays. These include the ability to update and manipulate your media and retail communication at the point of purchase, Network connectivity expedites this process and also facilitates the collection of analytical information that can be used for strategic marketing decisions.

  • Financing


    AVI Retail works with our clients to insure that every project can get off the ground. We have flexible financing solutions available. Please contact us for further information.

  • Call Centre Support

    Call Centre Support

    Both large and small companies alike utilize AVI Retail’s call centers for deployment, training, service and maintenance. It’s a cost effective way to keep your project on budget and on track.

  • Media Duplication / Mastering

    Media Duplication / Mastering

    On many occasions, due to the scope of a project, media duplication or re-mastering of a format is necessary to accommodate multiple applications. We can duplicate or re-master almost any modern format on a large scale, in house at our facilities.


A project manager will answer any question you may have in regards to your retail project.

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