Panasonic – 3D Experience

The Panasonic 3D Experience delivers a customer friendly way for the difference from 2D to 3D to be easily enjoyed.

Panasonic Launches A New 3D Experience For Customers to “See” The Difference

Electronics designed by AVI Retail created a user friendly demonstration between 2D and 3D viewing.

The Players

Headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan and with revenue of over $110 billion in 2010, Panasonic is one of the largest Japanese electronics producers. As a supplier of flat panel TVs, Panasonic’s brand is respected both at the retail and consumer level. Recognized as a “high end” product, the consistent presentation of this message at retail is part of the Panasonic philosophy.

AVI has a long history working with national implementation and execution at retail. Creating circuit boards from the ground up to suit a particular project is part of the design process at AVI. Born out of engineers, the company mandates a high level of scrutiny on every product delivered to a client. The projects are designed for the retail environment, with scalability and project life span in mind. This attention to detail and engineering provides the framework for the metrics / analytics that AVI is famous for.

With the growing 3D television experience, Panasonic required the ability to demonstrate this emerging technology in a quick easy experience at retail. AVI designed the electronics, to interface with the active 3D glasses to give a customer an easy “push” button 2D vs 3D demonstration. The end result is that the advantages of the Panasonic 3D experience are easily conveyed at retail operations across the country.


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