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Home Depot – TMI Forest

A custom display and digital presentation from AVI Retail helped draw attention and educate customers about TMI Forest Products’ latest innovation.

Digital signage enhances communication and draws attention of consumers

Educating consumers with digital signage helped one fencing company turn a good idea into successful sales.

The Players

AVI Retail has been providing retail interactive solutions to companies since 1997 and includes locations in Burlington, Ont. and Phoenix, Ariz.

TMI Forest Products is a fencing products manufacturer with headquarters in Morton, Washington.

The problem in the current economic climate, many people may need to install a fence, but may not be able to afford to hire contractors and laborers. That’s why TMI Forest Products, one of the largest Western Red Cedar fence board manufacturers, recently unveiled its Lifestyle Fence System. It packages a fence into one small, shippable unit with all the fasteners, rails, boards, and other necessary materials included. The entire unit fits together smoothly and comes with easy to-follow instructions. Custom designs are available, offering consumers choice and flexibility.

“It’s the IKEA of fencing,” said Jeffrey Cook, director of business growth and product development for TMI Forest Products.

But in business, having a good idea is only half of the battle. The best idea is useless if it is not marketed properly.

“We had the need of explaining our product and its benefits, how to use it, how to install it, what it looks like, and the different features of the product to the customers at Home Depot,” Cook said.

AVI Retail, which provides retail interactive solutions to companies who need to communicate vital information to customers easily and quickly, helped find an answer.


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