GM – Car Show Interactive

At the Canadian Car Show in cities across the county, GM used an interactive experience to convey all of the latest features of their new line up.

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AVI manufactured the electronics and designed the user interface to engage people attending the car shows nationally.

The Players

Founded in 1908 in Flint Michigan, GM is the world’s second largest car manufacturer based on annual sales. Head quartered at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan, United States, GM manufactures cars and trucks in 35 countries under a number of different brand names.

With years of experience creating engaging retail display solutions, AVI has a unique skill set to deliver a user friendly and compelling interactive technology. Manufacturing media devices tailored to specific projects is part of the core competencies of AVI. The company consistently invents effective and efficient means of communicating a client’s brand, utilizing bleeding edge technology.

At the Canadian Car Show every manufacturer debuts the best their respective company has to offer for the upcoming year. The vehicles are showcased unlike at any other venue. Company’s show the latest in technology encompassing their vehicles and the multimillion dollar display booths. GM wanted to create a unique customer experience for showing all of the options available on the new line up. Getting away from traditional print media, GM worked with AVI to create an interactive display solution showing all of the options available on a touch screen interface. Customers could taka a virtual 3D tour of a vehicle, and change options ranging from trim packages to exterior paint colour. The kiosk also communicated other GM media, resulting in a very user friendly and informative customer experience.


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