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Best Buy – Samsung Mobile

AVI Retail helped Samsung advertise its dual-LCD camera with a digital signage display.

Samsung Promotes Innovative Camera With the Help of Interactive Digital Signage

AVI Retail helps cement the success of the world’s first dual-LCD camera.

The Players

Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest electronics company, with more than $117 billion in revenue in 2009. Seoul, South Korea-based Samsung leads the world in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media. The company’s products include semi-conductors, hard drives, digital displays, home electronics, mobile devices, computing products and home appliances.

AVI Retail is a pioneer in the retail interactive industry. Founded in Burlington, Ont., in 1997 as an original electronics manufacturer, the AVI Retail management team brings experience from the technology, media and advertising industries. With the goal of delivering the most innovative and complete digital signage solutions, AVI Retail designs and manufactures retail interactive hardware and software, including online content management software to remotely deliver content to devices.

Red Leaf Retail, based in Vaughan ON, Canada, combines leading-edge creativity, innovation and vision with more than 15 years of proven industry experience and success to create profitable, high-volume retail marketing experiences. The company’s team of retail marketing experts combines skills in graphic design, industrial design and project planning to create retail brands that resonate with customers.


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