Metrics / Analytics


Metrics / Analytics

Nowadays there is a high demand for relevant marketing information. One of the most important questions to be answered is “how are the displays being used at retail?” AVI Retail is a company that was born of design and engineering beginnings. To maintain an incredibly high standard of product deployment it was imperative to capture as much data as possible. This data then becomes critical when analyzed for the purpose of collecting marketing information and reporting. As a result, AVI Retail has created a web enabled solution to facilitate ultimate metrics accessibility. AVI Retail can tailor the user experience to deliver any relevant infield display market information required for a specific project. Everything from unit operating temperature, to the quantity of customer impressions to facial recognition with demographic evaluation, all can be displayed from a standard web browser. All this can be accomplished out of one centralized location in a head office. AVI Retail can customize the user experience to facilitate the information layout to client specific parameters. How the data is collected is determined by the scope of the project. Contact us today to get more information about our innovative retail solutions.


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