XPE v3.1 Media Player


XPE v3.1 Media Player

Containing a customizable Windows XP embedded operating system image, this player does not carry the unnecessary weight or cost of traditional Windows devices. Its solid state design (when equipped with optional solid state drive) guarantees that the DA XPe will be working on delivering your company’s message 24/7 with complete reliability. Combine this with AVI Retail’s award winning content management system (DA Portal) and you have the best hardware / software combo available on the market today.

The Digital Associate XPe gives retailers, kiosk, and vending machine companies and their brands the chance to sell where it really counts—at the point of purchase. All settings and content are updateable and user programmable through a web-based interface using an Internet Explorer browser.

The Digital Associate XPe is a powerful and flexible communication tool, designed for playback of MPEG 2 & 4 video files, as well as still images. Compressed digital media memory is stored locally and offers standard, looping or scheduled playback options. Video outputs are NTSC or PAL compliant and the player is capable of driving any size of LCD or plasma screen.

Unlike other computer based solutions, the Digital Associate XPe has a unique solid state (fanless), self cooling design that is best suited for continuous playback and guarantees a long lifespan. The Digital Associate XPe runs on Microsoft Windows XP embedded technology.

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  • Customization

    Completely customizable for any application, easily update the firmware remotely via the internet.
  • Setup

    Project based XP embedded operating system images available use the all new DA Portal v3.1, AVI Retail's complete CMS system for WAN applications.
  • Playback Modes

    User-created playlist, continuous loop, first file loop, manual or scheduled.
  • Interactivity

    Serial and USB ports are provided for interfacing with a range of optional accessories such as a touchscreen, barcode reader, RFID, push buttons and other control options.
  • Data Logging

    Creates a user defined log of ongoing operation and playback events
  • Display Output

    Video can be displayed on any standard TV, LCD monitor or plasma display supporting DVI or VGA input.
  • Wireless Network WiFi/Cellular Connectivity (optional)

    Wired Ethernet standard


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