DA Lite Media Player


DA Lite Media Player

The Digital Associate® Lite is AVI Retail’s “standalone” low-cost high performance single chip MPEG1/2/4 solid state media player and hardware platform, designed specifically for system designers and fixture manufacturers to play video in retail POP and kiosk applications.

The Digital Associate® Lite offers the next generation of customizable high impact promotional advertising-driving more traffic, longer visits and higher impulse purchasing. This gives retailers, kiosk and fixture manufacturers the chance to sell where it really counts – at the point of purchase.

The Digital Associate® Lite is a powerful and flexible communications tool, designed for playback of MPEG 1/2/4 (Divx) video, motion JPEG, JPEG still photo and MP3 music. Compressed digital media is stored on CompactFlash (CF) cards and offers a wide range of operation options. Media files can be stored on a CF card using any standard USB card programmer due to the FAT32 file system, eliminating the need for special software or programming equipment.

Function, connections and operation is completely customizable to allow specific programming, input/output options and custom branding applications. A built-in interactive port allows interfacing to external control options and peripherals at the system integrator level. Standard features include a stereo 5 watt amplifier for connection to external speakers. An integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder provides composite, S-Video and VGA outputs.

The Digital Associate® Lite’s industry leading 3 year warranty ensures trouble free, reliable operation for years to come – 1 year warranty on LCD (glass) when configured as a MediaWindow Lite.

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  • Customization

    Completely customizable for custom applications and programs. Firmware updateable via CF card
  • Processor

    Single chip video/audio decoder utilizing dual 32 bit RISC and 64 bit DSP cores and an integrated TV encoder for accurate and flicker-free video.
  • Interactivity

    RS232 interactive port for interfacing with a wide range of optional accessories such as touchscreen, bar code reader, RFID, motion sensor, push buttons and other control options.
  • Display Output

    Video can be displayed on any NTSC/ PAL compliant TV, LCD monitor or plasma displays supporting Composite, S-Video or VGA inputs.


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