Our Process

  • Discover

    Analysis Becomes Insight

    Through intensive design research and strategic evaluation, AVI Retail gains insight into a client’s brand identity, consumer base, existing assets, and key market opportunities. Using this knowledge as a springboard for design, we ensure that every AVI Retail recommendation fulfills the needs of both company and consumer. Our development stages are different than other firms.

    At every stage of the process we practice wide open analysis and focused synthesis. We think outside of the box and brainstorm potential solutions that spirals off the limits of the typical process. We take risks and explore new ideas. These brainstorms identify new possibilities that we use to generate concepts that go beyond the narrow filter of a constrained project scope. The result: ideas that our clients may never have thought of, but are happy that we did.


  • Design

    Insights Become Ideas

    Intangibles become tangibles as AVI Retail works to distill a single, actionable course from the wide range of initial concepts. Throughout the design phase, we review and refine each facet of the work in response to user testing, client feedback, and strategic analysis—an iterative process that ensures full consideration of the technological, cultural, and business impact of design. AVI Retail combines expert retail strategy and proven technological platforms to create innovative custom solutions that transform the retail space into a rich interactive experience. The result: engaging, brand building merchandising solutions that get products out of their packages and into the hands of the customers, leading them from “Try” to “Buy”.


  • Deliver

    Ideas Become Reality

    In order to guarantee the accurate translation of idea to reality, AVI Retail oversees every step from idea to implementation. Delivery and execution of a project are paramount to the success of a project. All too often great ideas never make it to the retail environment as a result of substandard or inadequate delivery and execution. Let AVI Retail manage the production process, facilitating partnerships, managing software development, and providing support as necessary. At AVI Retail we have the ability to work with every aspect of a project. The result: our client’s vision is communicated at retail as originally designed, intended, on time and on budget.



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